I did not take any photos... too busy skating...

this weekend while my older son Dean was at his soccer clinic
I grabbed my younger son Grant... two skateboards... both long boards
and two young neighbors and their skateboards
we drove over to a closed off road in Rock Creek Park that I felt would be a good downhill course

oh yeah...
it was a subtle enough grade to get some speed
so much speed that we broke the shallow hill down into three parts
because I wanted to avoid the ER more than I wanted to avoid the SPEED WOBBLES!

Jesse would be stoked that his old Gravity Board is seeing some use!

winter is a good season for this activity...
as more clothing when it is cold makes for more padding when a person crashes

we ran into one old coot with all sorts of downhill gear
beyond his helmet and goggles he had skid plates on his gloves
and a home made downhill board!
photo worthy... but no camera on hand
well... other than the phone in the pocket

Rock Creek Park once again wins the Oasis in the City Award!