please... is there a method to the madness?

one of the things that frustrates me...
well... many things irk me'
it is true... I have enough Pet Peeves to open my own ZOO!
but one thing at the top of the list is people's failure to understand the task at hand when they are at work

like the police officer that harasses the innocent citizen
who is that police officer supposed to "protect and serve?"
have they lost sight of their purpose?

or the meter maid that double parks as they get on foot to issue parking tickets
definitely missing the point... definitely not getting it

so often there is a double parked meter maid issuing tickets to cars whose meter has run out
working to generate revenue.... when really... penalizing ticketing cars should be part of the process to punish vehicles that hinder flow

the government vehicle double parked and obstructing traffic when there is a space where the government employee could park the car and allow traffic to pass
on my daily drive to drop my kids off to school there are a few meter maids that cause congestion and block up by parking illegally while they ticket cars that are not obstructing traffic
ironically.... the meter maids are causing more havoc on traffic than the car in the space with the expired meter

that is not how it plays out
their illogical behavior is every day

so... Porter Street has a new SPEEDING CAMERA
where Porter Street dips into Rock Creek there is a speeding camera
on this stretch of OVER BUILT ROAD that drops in from Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park and climbs into Mount Pleasant there is a 30 MPH Speed Limit and a NEW Speeding Camera

over a decade ago I got a speeding ticket in my Toyota Landcruiser going 55MPH when the speed limit was 45
I went back and tried to go 55 in my well worn truck and found unlikely
that speed was not comfortable in that old truck on that stretch of road
I paid that ticket but felt that it was inaccurate

my beef at this moment is not for getting a ticket
but for the placement of the speeding camera

I live less than a mile from this SPEEDING CAMERA
cars speed AS FAST if not FASTER on my street... yet we do not get this level of enforcement

why is it so important to control the speed of cars on this stretch of road?
the road I live on has as much car traffic moving at an excessive rate of speed
but... there are more people at risk
as this road is a residential street with people crossing the road to get to their cars or to get across the street into the park
but no... there is no effort to slow traffic

Porter Street is OVER BUILT!
it is built like a HIGHWAY!
I am in full agreement with the lowering of speed on this stretch of road
but... if the road is built like a highway... it is natural for car drivers to drive highway speeds

build the road to be more PARK-LIKE
build the road to guide cars to drive in a more responsible fashion
re-build the road to accommodate the bicycle and pedestrian traffic that use this road

rebuild Klingle Valley...
put the hiking trail and the bike path into Klingle Valley on Klingle Road
that is a great cross town cut through
it goes across the valley with less of a climb than Porter or Tilden
thus allowing a wider variety of cyclists to cross the city
I am moderately fit... and Porter and Tilden are never easy climbs... not even at my most fit moment

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