I did not know Megan...

I do not know Megan
I did not know Megan
I will never get to know Megan

I do not know the specifics of the accident
I do know it is sad
Megan was on her bike and was struck by a car
that car killed Megan

Megan was killed while on a bicycle training ride
Megan was a collegate level bicycle racer

my heart goes out to any or all who knew Megan
there must be many people in great pain right now
Megan looks very charismatic
no doubt Megan was loved by her family and loved by her friends

I am certain that there is a void in many hearts where Megan once lived

not only will Megan be missed
but Megan will miss out on the opportunity to live a full life
Megan's life was just beginning when it was sadly cut short

be careful out there
be careful on your bike
be careful behind the wheel

love and luck
long life

Megan Baab Killed in Training Accident

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SaSaSandie said...

If I remember correctly, this is the second Lee-McRae female cyclist hit and killed by a car this year on a training ride.
Very nice post.