I like this design...

before my boys were big enough to push the pedals on their own we rode with a variety of bicycle options...

pretty much Burley Trailer and Trail-A-Bike
did not mess around with the rear rack mounting kid seat
and did not have one of these
oh man... I would have loved one of these

the kid seat on the rear rack has the child's view blocked by the rider's butt
BUT! not this style... the child faces forward with their face in the wind

I would guess it facilitates conversation as the adult rider would be leaned over with their mouth close to the child's ear

iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Seat

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Unknown said...

We get a few of these in the Bike valet. I would never use one. The steering is so very limited due to where they sit on the tube. Most I've encountered only have a couple of inches of turning radius.