more photos from Bruce's Fragile: Handle with Care Alleycat... nice lighting... great fall day

Logan Circle
the meeting place to get the manifest
the start of the race
a beautiful park in Washington DC

Logan Circle

I mean... Kevin Hayes
ladies and gentlemen... Kevin Hayes

Kevin and Danny K ran it backwards
a s strategy 
but on this day a failing strategy
as Bruce said run it in order and Check Points were not manned in time for the backwards racers early arrival at the later checkpoints

not a photo of the unabiker

young racers
not sure
but I think they go to Walls
that is DC's "School Without Walls"

great getting together with so many dynamic people

cute dog and amazing Empanadas
thank your mom
she rocked it
I loved both the beef and the chicken empenadas

Sean in the House!

then Vlad