not exactly an action shot

not exactly an action shot

the pictures often run a theme
sometimes the theme presents itself and I just follow

the images are following a Destination Dublin theme right now

chris soda is currently the man to catch in the point series
not sure what color the jersey would be for an alleycat series leader
maybe pbr red white and blue or black label black and red

I may head out for some of the time trial next wednesday
saw some people headed down to the wednesday night bbq and time trial in rock creek earlier tonight
next wednesday is the 6th Stage of the Destination Dublin Race

I wonder strategically how this all works
if these last two are worth more points and there are more racers... which equals more points
there could be a change in command
the leaders need to race to win
chris need to be strong against skandar
lola needs to be strong against meredith

I am not familiar with their riding styles or their past history at this type of event
but... I am certain there is a buzz around
people are certainly talking
would this time trial favor a climber?
who is the better sprinter?
both are riding gears
someone... give me the odds
someone... do the math on what happens if one loses and or the other way around

I want to hear more about this...

I want a play by play
I want a recap
I want an instant replay
I want a photo finish

okay... I will settle with what I get
a print out of the results and an update via word of mouth
sometimes the stories are told second hand

tactical error or sportsmanship
history has not written the answer