dropped by destination dublin's time trial at the summer spectacular wednesday night bbq and time trial

worked late tonight
got a solid ride in before work so I rushed it directly home after work
rolled down the alley behind my house just as lisa was gathering the boys from the alley
the bikes were out
the helmets were still on
they had been riding
now it was time to go in
they were focused on something in a neighbor's backyard

we got inside
the boys had eaten and it was not anywhere near time for bed

so I asked the boys if they wanted to head down to watch the bicycle race
the boys asked if they could bring their bikes
I said no as I explained what we were doing and what a time trial is

the boys were excited for a school night adventure
to their amazement this bicycle race was in a familiar place
a place where they walk their dogs and hike in the woods
a place where they ride their bicycles on weekends and holidays when certain stretches of road are closed to car traffic
a place where they have picnics with pizza

a place where they sled on the seldom dc snow days
a place they know as rock creek park

there were people playing frisbee
there were people kicking a soccer ball
some people were out racing a lap
a handful of racers were relaxing after what appears to be a serious test of an individuals
threshhold for pain

I did not get any results from the men
but I did catch that meredith finished seven seconds slower than lola
leaving lola remaining strong as the leading woman over all
but not sure what happened in the men's field

saw skandar with shane and chris soda
all which looked like they had just had a good time testing their personal limits

was not able to take many photographs as it was a breeze through where my main focus was on the direction of my boys
they were running the hill
a great pre-bedtime activity
parents love to see their kids running up hills before bedtime
running hills wears people out
whether those people are running the hills on foot or on their bicycles

the kids are given a certain amount of trust
all is good as long as they remember to stay out of the street
they agreed to stay out of the street
they claimed to understand that they needed to stay out of the street
they did stay out of the street


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