escape from granogue

raced the escape from granogue race today
well... I rode the escape from granoge course at the race today

my head was not in it
there were some mental barriers
it surprised me that the wet off camber roots at Lodi Farms did not allow me to be comfortable today
but I never felt comfortable on the bike today
wrong tires?
wrong tire pressure?
or maybe I just did not get my head right

there were aspects of the race that are worth mentioning
the most important thing about the race today was that I may not have been able to get my head right
but I did not quite
DNF was the emotion of the first lap
rolled out following the pack for a planned DFL
that is no way to enter a race
I psyched myself out
robbed myself of intensity and confidenced

things ended on a high note
but it was not easy moving about like a sea turtle