organic kool aid

it is true I have been given a dixie cup of organic kool aid
I drank the potion
I am a believer

whole foods is part of my world
and I believe

my wife is more a whole foods addict than myself
costco is more my approach to life
but since lisa shops more than me... well... we end up having a a good amount of food from the
whole foods market

summer is here

this weekend we had corn on the cob and fresh watermelon from whole foods

summer heaven

and yes... old bay is great on corn

this year whole foods market has become one of the main sponsors of
DCMTB along with City Bikes and Metro Gutter it is not just about sponsorship it is about being associated with products that the team believes in

I wonder if lawrence bells
of is still selling organic watermelons to whole foods from his farm on the eastern shore
that song mobius is classic lawrence
so much of this stuff was written while lawrence was a young messenger in the city
which meant that some of these songs were recorded with other messengers.... the violin on thoughts on a wake was some random dude from apple courier....
while the harmonica on some of that early stuff is jason meggs who is well known in san francisco for his work with bike the bridge

corn rows was always a bells of favorite for the hometown crowd