lola finishing strong over all

lola strong overall

lola and the alleycat

it is interesting
people may think that a messenger is done riding their bike when their workday is over
but that tends not to be the case
the bicycle continues in the messenger's life even after the workday is done

for some the bicycle carries them home from work
for others the bicycle carries them from bar to bar
while their are others who get on their bikes after work for pleasure and for pain

as some of these messengers work hard to be better on their bikes

in talking with Lola about the Destination Dublin Alleycat she used the "T" Word
that dreaded "T" Word
Lola said she had been training hard for this event
training? I thought
yes... training.

apparently the training is paying off
as Lola is currently holding the top seat for women competitors and is strong overall

riding bikes is fun
riding bikes hard is fun
pushing your personal limits is fun
getting better at something is fun
winning would be fun
going to Dublin to represent the Washington DC messenger community would be fun

Wednesday May 30th is an Individual Time Trial in Rock Creek Park
come out and race
your race entry fee aids in paying the travel costs of sending two cyclists to Dublin