busy weekend...

it was a busy weekend as most weekends tend to be
so busy I can not recall what happened friday night
I usually can not recall what happened friday night on sunday night
but after some thought
I can recall
it was not eventful
but it was busy

saturday was more busy
there were kids soccer games and pre-k quality parties
there was time in the toddler park
and there was time riding bikes in the alley
I fixed flats on the kids bikes
I fixed flats on the single speeds
I prepped my geared bike for the Escape from Granogue race
that night we went out to dinner to celebrate my cousin's graduation from georgetown
it was a blast.... I spent most of my time either with the under seven crowd or the over seventy crowd
it was fun just the same

sunday was an early to rise and lots of driving day with a little mountain bike racing in between
but now I can not recall what happened sunday evening
will try to recall how the race went

that is how life goes
it is all a blur
do something with your time
even if you can not remember what you done after it is over
it is still better than doing nothing

this was another weekend where the support of my wife is escential the equation
so much of the weekend was about everyone but her
but she always manages to enjoy it just the same
there is still time to get a chance to read my article in SPOKES magazine for the month of May
that article about balancing mountain biking and family turned out pretty okay
grab it
read it
I need to read it again

much of this weekend was spent finishing up some articles for the June issue of Spokes magazine
threw together a number of short articles, blurbs really
a piece about the Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team, something about the Jason Berry film 24Solo, a teaser about the new zine The Urban Cyclist (which is now URBAN CYCLING) and a short article about the 24 Hours of Big Bear... which turned out to be a bear of an article

we will see what makes print and what falls to the edit room floor

grab the latest SPOKES magazine
let me know what you think about the article
and maybe you have some stuff to share about balancing life with mountain biking