the deck staining is finished

just in time for the long weekend the crew from Metro Gutter finished up the deck staining project

I must say... these guys did a pro job
these are not some off the street hacks... these guys are the real deal
there is a difference between consumer and professional grade
the guys at metro gutter are professional grade

had the decks on the back of the house stained
not just an investment
but an asthetic improvement
the boys club house and the decks attached to the house are a deep dark solid blue
the deck and the fences on the side are a deep redwood
and yes... a an investment in longevity

now it is time to have some friends over so we can break it all in

next week metro gutter will be coming back to clean the chimney and the gutters
I will post some pics of the metro gutter touch in the next few days

paying someone to clean my gutters is like paying someone to change my oil
sure I could change my own oil... but someone else can do a better job for not much money
which frees me up to do something that I would rather be doing
like riding my bike or hanging with my kids

it does look sweet
on Sunday my dad and step mom came over with some family to say house
the family friends wanted to see the house
my father and I built this massive wood structure in my urban backyard
it was a massive undertaking for two non carpenters with full time jobs
my dad took some vacation days and hammered it out
hammered it out with a nail gun

which reminds me... I better step up the riding before I slow the riding before the weekend of The 24 Hours of Big Bear where I will be riding/racing/camping with Kent of Metro Gutter Kent is a member of DCMTB while Metro Gutter, Kent's company, is a key sponsor of DCMTB