the electronic world is small

myspace had me jumping from tangent to tangent
going through that six degrees of separation
a link to a friend had me checking a link to a friend and I ran into an old friend of a friend
maybe it was not that many jumps
but it was all pretty random

this is an image of brian's from the mid 90's


Frank Brigandi said...

Bud Mauger says hi!

gwadzilla said...


that is cool
Buddy is a really good guy
and a talented athlete
did you sell him a bicycle?

I bet that he could be a great mountain biker
I am not sure... but I think he rode dirt bike

very cool you guys linked the six degrees of separation

did you race on Sunday?
I saw a BIKETOPIA pop tent
but did not see you


gwadzilla said...


appropriate that you make mention of running into Buddy on this post
as the electronic world is not the only small world that we live in