need to get on some dirt

I need to get on some dirt
there has not been any dirt for me since my trip out to Delaware for the Escape from Granogue event
need to get on some dirt cause dirt is fun
need to get on some dirt because I am racing the 24 Hours of Big Bear in a week and a half

had a few short rides in the last day that gave me moderate satisfaction

this weekend past I got out on the bike with the trail-a-bike in tow
the rides were not that long... but the life is cumulative notion applies well here

the rides were good
three year old grant is a trail-a-bike maniac
and dean
well... when nearly six year old dean wants to put down the hammer... I can feel his little legs powering us both up the hill

then got in an hour fifteen after work yesterday
and another hour fifteen before work this am
not long... but solid and strong
not heart exploding sprints
but I could feel it

hope this gets me to where I need to be for race day
where I will be the slow guy on a fast team

and yes
I need to get on some dirt
dirt is good for the soul