the voice of the internet...

just strolling the internet as my boys mess around with some Mario 64

yes... I know it is a beautiful day
but my older son is sick
like stay at home from school sick
not really sick but real sick as in actually sick
not playing hookie to watch i love lucy sick
sick enough to be inside rather than outside on a beautiful day like this

the three day weekend was filled with bicycle rides, trail-a-bike rides, and swimming in a heated pool

so there is no shortage of exercise in these tazmanian devil's worlds

tonight we a laying low
lisa has left with the dog and will come back with matsa ball soup and potato pancakes from the parkway deli
the bikes are going to stay in the garage and the kids are going to stay in the house
which has me blogging as I answer an encyclopedia's worth of questions

scanning the internet I see that these fifth graders have a good idea
while michael emails me the word about some "I don't share the road" shirts from cafe press... a conversation that has traveled the internet and shut the shirts down

car drivers should exit alley ways, parking lots, and driveways as if there were a woman with a stroller about to roll in front of them
car drivers should pass each corner as if a child might step off the curb

not that people should be paranoid

they should be on alert and ready to react
and of course
they should be going slow enough to respond in time

response time?
most people are not alert enough to even offer anything more than a delayed reaction
something after the fact
sometimes an apology with a sad face
this community may be confused about what to do with the multiuse path... when they should be focused on car driving behavior
although there should be some focus on the multiuse path

and the ladies?
I like pictures of pretty ladies
I wonder how jill is meanding up?
and.... in the world of catwomen.... Julie Newmar may be my favorite