there are so many things that I would like to slow for a photograph

there are so many things that I would love to slow for a photograph

it would not be possible to photograph everything

I always want to photography illegally parked police cars or meter maid's vehicles
not just illegally parked
but impeding traffic
always taking the perspective showing that there is an open space feet away

it boggles my mind that people would sooner double park than to slip into the open space
sure we all double park for a second for an opening and a closing of a door
but some people double park like they are leaving the car at long term parking at the airport

but I can not photo everything

while out riding there is another scene that I always to photograph
the cyclist with their helmet on backwards
I wonder
do these people always wear their helmet backwards
or is it just on this ride
so I guess a photograph would not be enough
I would need many photographs
maybe some film
there is a documentary there
a short film on the lives of the type of people who wear their helmets backwards

the lead in would be a trailer about people who would sooner ride with their kryptonite u-lock on their handlebars rather than in their backpack

rickyd sent me an instructional image of proper helmet placing

this women takes photos of cars occupying the bus and bike only lanes in dc