bike shop bikes.... department store junk

bikes must be purchased at a bicycle store
it is a simple rule

department stores are not the best place for sporting goods stores
and well... sporting goods stores tend to be small department stores specializing in sporting goods

this bike shop bike rule is true across the board
from the kids bike to the adult bike
well... the beach cruiser may be an exception
sure you can get a beach cruiser at walmart... but I would not try to go much further than the beach cruiser

last week I got a new bicycle for Dean
bumped him up to a 20 inch wheel bike from the diminutive 16 incher
a green redline raid with coaster brake from city bikes in chevy chase
he got on it
he was cruising around the parking lot on the innagural run
and he does a hand brake skid
his last bike had hand brakes
he never slowed or stop with them
but I guess he must have tried
perhaps those brakes were just ornaments
but this Redline bike shop quality bike is moving at a different level
that Target purchase with the Schwinn sticker... that thing is a piece of junk

would a tennis player let a friend buy their racket at Target?
how about a runner getting their shoes there?

then why would someone think that a bicycle could be purchased there

now those bikes a the lugage store down the block?
no wonder people do not continue with cycling as they grow up
their first bicycles are unriddable

bicycles are not toys
you get what you pay for...
things cost what they cost
if you find it for less... it may be a cheap immitation
bicycles need to be purchased from bicycle shops
even when dealing with small children

the same goes for skateboards and tennis rackets
this all makes perfect sense....
don't see what I am saying?

think about lemonade
lots of things are called lemonade
but very few of these things have anything to do with lemons
lemonade tends to be more expensive that these so called lemonade products
but only lemonade is lemonade
the same goes for bicycles

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