more bikes... yes! more bikes!

today is a big day
we are adding two new bikes to the family fleet!

two new bikes in the fleet
bumping one bike down
bumping two bikes out

we ordered two bikes through City Bikes

Redline Raid for Dean
the Women's Specific Specialized Rockhopper Comp for Lisa
Grant will get Dean's old 16 incher... we will paint it and put training wheels on it
everyone is read for an upgrade

out with the old
in with the new

today the MetroGutter crew should be finishing up the deck staining job
pictures to come

the Specialized site has some fun FLASH animation to toy with
click on Designs for Women
sorry guys... you can only put clothing on the woman
you can not take it off

we will actually pack the 12 inch bike away as it may be a valuable tool for learning to ride without training wheels
although Grant is only three... I feel that he is pretty advanced with his handling
it may be time to try riding without the training wheels