Mapper's Delight

Mapper's Delight

DC's Destination Dublin Alleycat is not over yet...

there are some serious battle for the top seats

the top male finisher and the top female finisher will represent Washington DC at the World Messenger Championships in Dublin

the top woman contenders are Lola and Meredith
not sure who will have the edge in the last two events
but it seems like this race is coming down to the wire

while Chris Soda is strong and steady in first
anything can happen
these last two events will dictate who is getting their passport stamped and who is staying home getting drunk at Asylum

down south in Harrisonburg, VA
there is a plan for the
Saturday May 19th
for flyer or more information

Harrisonburg is a cycling powerhouse
home of the Shenandoah Mountain 100
home of Jeremiah Bishop, Sue Hayword, and the demon seed known as Hugh Jass
home of some seriously sick trails and people who know how to ride them