just wanted to get home

today I just wanted to get home
some days I just do not feel like riding
some days I just want to go straight home
on this day I wanted to get home to use my energy with my family rather than my bike

there are times when I do not want to ride
normally I just try to ignore it
I try to ignore the rain, the snow, the heat, the humidity
and that yearning not to ride
I do not ride a great duration, but I try to ride frequently
so today I tried to get in a short ride
a ride shorter than my usual short post work ride

not knowing what else I should do I figured it had been long enough since the last time I rode the hills of rock creek park

I plotted my most immediate car free route
modifying things as I recalled that the bike path is closed for a stretch
so I cut past the P Street beach then across the bridge towards georgetown
crossing my fingers that the trail closer was no greater than once short section of trail
sure enough.... I was right in thinking that only a fraction of what should be done is being done on these trails
trails that are too narrow and to close to speeding traffic
but amazing for what they are
these trails are a valuable asset
but far from perfect

got to rock creek
did a few loops through the turns and the hills
did not go crazy
just went up and down
not sure how much sweat I broke
not sure how much heart rate work out I got
but I know I went up and down a few times
more like a fred out on a ride than a road cyclist training

got home to the boys
tried to take the boys hiking in the woods with me
got a double "no"
told my older son that I needed to talk with him
he came along kicking and screaming
he did not want to hike
eventually he agreed that we could walk in and talk at the fallen tree
so we walked in and sat at the fallen tree
we talked while brutus sat by our feet

it was not exercise for the dog
but it was time spent in the woods

I learned children at six do not get metaphors
there was little I could do other than laugh at my effort for an Andy Griffith moment
we got home for some grilled salmon ready and waiting on the table

after dinner there were some books, I showered then the boys bathed
I blogged while the boys bathed
escapes... then running them back into their rooms