An American Classic!


The backyard swimming pool... 
In this case... the back yard whirlnpool!

I grew up with this as a major part of my summer experience
my grandfather would put together a lesser version of this for me, my siblings, and my cousins 
this was a big part of our summer visits when the grandparents were still in suburban Illinois 
before they became "snowbirds" and eventually Florida transplants

lots of great memories with the cousins playing in that flimsy back yard pool in its various incarnations
this backyard pool is something that has evolved into something a little more stable and a lot less flimsy than the structure that we would play in

yes... the temporary backyard swimming pool and the slip and slide are great little samples of American Culture
the great thing... the better these things are built... the more use that the families get out of them
and less time before they start taking up space in the landfill 

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