Cape Henlopen State Park-

Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware

in addition to our trip to Rehoboth Beach I like to make a side trip to Cape Henlopen
better waves and a slightly less commercial style beach
sure I love the boardwalk with its junk stores, food stands, and of course games and Midway
but... I also enjoy the slightly less crowded beach with its dunes

Cape Henlopen has a different vibe than Rehoboth Beach
and at the State Park there are a variety of beaches that offer a slightly different tone

there is the "main" beach with its concession stand and life guards
but... we usually got to Herring Point or "the jetty" 
this is where there is the one "surf spot"  
this is where someone seeking waves should expect the best wave opportunities

although we are not surfers... we do enjoy our lower ranks on the totem pole as boogie boarders
while also enjoying watching the local culture and their skim boards
there is a much larger skim board culture than surf culture
or at least when there are no waves to surf

there are always a cluster of people of young tan kids queued up with their skim boards doing the modern version of skim boarding
they ride the thin glass like shelf of water towards the wave
then the more skilled riders actual ride the wave itself
much like a surfer... only with a different approach and on a different board

there has been some consideration to go from the hotel at Rehoboth to camping at Henlopen... just a thought
there has also been some consideration of camping at Assateague 
maybe continue one visit to Rehoboth and then also a camping trip each summer
as I know I enjoy the shower... the bed... and the gathering around the television for a movie at the end of a long day

surf lessons are definitely going to be part of our beach trip futures...
need to seek out a used modern age skim board and maybe a larger board like "The Beater" that is half boogie board and half surf board

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