never under estimate a child

never under estimate a child

it is important to never under estimate a child

sometimes I under estimate my children

my younger son is nearly three
some time ago
maybe when he was twoish we had a discussion about a certain toy
the toy was a Star Wars action figure given to us by some friends
a box of hand me downs
a box of super excellent hand me downs
the action figures were only out done by the Legos

in any case...
grantman and I had a star wars village set up
we were talking about the characters
the story of star wars
the battle of good versus evil and all that good stuff
when we got stuck on the naming of a certain character
grant said sand trooper
I said storm trooper
I was confident and corrective
he held his ground

grantman held his ground
not sure where he is getting his information
but nearly a year after the arguement started I was introduced to the sand trooper
now I see the different
the difference is subtle but obvious
I own grantman an apology