government issue... joy ride?

government issue

I am not sure of the true history
but in my mind there was no band that existed with so many incarnations

well... no matter who was in the band
it was government issue
as long as there was john stabb
as john stabb was government issue

for a while there in my late teens I remember the shows around town
for a while there is seemed like iron cross and government issue were the house bands

joy ride was an amazing album
but after hearing some of the songs on the government issue myspace page
well... I recall that there was interest in the other eras of government issue as well

GI myspace
always love the base on Iron Cross' crucified
that song always got me pumped

iron cross and soa tapped into some adolescent male energy
in the same way that black flag could
I need a turntable
or I need to get damaged on cd

the Wiki pages get into it
who decides if the write up is suitable?

I may even have joy ride on cd
not many of these started as vinyl and were then also purchased on cd
minor threat
rites of spring
bad brains
to name a few
government issue joy ride was definitely in that list that continues

I am not even sure where all my cds are at this point
I think that cds may be next to be cleared from the basement
not the vinyl... that stays