Photos from the National BIke Summit

 Maurice Tearney of Dirt Rag at the National Bike Summit
not from this year...
maybe from last year
maybe from the year before

not sure

no National Bike Summit for me this year
work had my days and well... life had my nights

my time is not my own

I wonder how things went at the National Bike Summits
what achievements from last year were boasted about?
what are the ambitions for the year to come?
are we meeting out goals? what more could we do? 
what more should we do?

what hands were there to be shaken?

there had been thought of a few happy hours
then there was the idea of joining up on a ride
finally tomorrow there is the Congressional Bike Ride
thought of joining up with this ride with my two boys... as they are home from school tomorrow
alas no...
too much work
we made plans to hike the dog in the woods before an afternoon birthday party

Gwadzilla Mention of the Congressional BIke Ride