Fort Knox Five: The New Gold Standard 2

Fort Knox Five: The New Gold Standard 2

I love/loved FORT KNOX FIVE's The New Gold Standard
so... when I got FK5's The New Gold Standard 2 I was confident I would love it as well...
I put it in and was greeted with some hesitancy... it was unfamiliar and headed in some directions that I did not anticipate
the opening track at first listen took me in a few different directions that I was not able to decipher at first listen

I ingested the entire album once with some curiosity and some skepticism
then on the second listen I started to get it
into the third listen over the course of this snow filled weekend... I LOVED IT!
now I can not get enough of it
the opening track was the appropriate first song... it sets the tempo and lets the listener know to expect the unexpected
it has that infectious "get up and move" sensation that Fort Knox Five has taken as their signature emotion


the album is both diverse and contiguous
that is to be expected... as the 4 members of Fort Knox Five are each strong independent artists coming from different directions each with a strong individual personality bringing in the talent of different artists for various songs while all also being good friends with mutual respect and bonds that have been built over years and years of friendship
then the artists that FK5 are involved with... DEEP WITH TALENT!

the music is international
the music is inspirational

Rob Myers has its East Meet West flavor with its sitar riffs
Javier Miranda's latin influence is apparent in both his conga rhythms and his time on the mic
it goes on... infectious grooves and soulful sounds brought to this record by such an eclectic gathering of artists
THE HORNS!!! just as in The New Gold Standard... The New Gold Standard is strong with the HORNS... part SKA and part 60's movie soundtrack

the songs with the talents of Roots and Zeebo are always welcome and welcoming
the closing song by Nappy Riddem brings both hope and sadness
I could go on... but instead I will go on with my day with this music in my head as my "soundtrack"

one of the greatest talents of The Fort Knox Five is that they create full albums... records that will be listened to from start to finish... there may be one song that sticks out in your mind as your favorite... but the whole album is there for your entertainment
music that works well in the foreground when you want to get up and dance
music that works well in the background when you are just doing your thing and want something to occupy your brain and have you tap your foot while on the computer or cooking in the kitchen


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