windy today... quite windy

the pedestrian bridge at Old Angler's Inn near Wide Water on the C&O Canal
a previous post about Glen Echo on Sunday

it is Friday... Friday AM
just back from dropping the boys off at school and walking the dog in Rock Creek Park...
ah... that silver lining... not so bad
at drop off I got to hang with Grant's pre-k class for a bit
at Grant's request I stayed a bit after drop off to explain how SLEEPING QUEENS is played

then after my introduction with a little Q&A the class had "CHOICE TIME"

what do you think Grant chose?
Correct... so I got to stay a little longer and hang with Grant and some of his classmates

half empty? half full?
I am not sure... perhaps whichever is better

then after a few hands of SLEEPING QUEENS I was on my way and on with my day... into the woods of Rock Creek Park with my black dog Brutus
parking by Klingle Mansion we dipped into the woods and looped the Melvin Hazen
a wonderful little trail that could use a little TLC

the trails could be constructed to be more sustainable
some trails should be abolished
it would be nice to see some of the invasive plants to be removed
and then some indigenous plants on the pieces of land that are lifeless and eroding
it would also be SUPER COOL but very unlikely for some of these trails to be opened to mountain biking

while hiking the dog I zipped up tight and marched into the wind
as the wind blew hard I thought to myself that I was happy that I did a long ride on the road earlier this week
this wind is not for cycling
this wind is for windsurfing or sailing

it was windy today... fricking windy... it was frickin windy yesterday
it is frickin windy again today

this is wind that makes windsurfers and sailors smile
this is wind that fills sails and puts boats on their edge
leaving the unlucky wet and cold with their dingys turtled
this is wind that creates days that "sail-heads" boast about with terms like "honking"

every subculture has its vernacular
not being part of the sailing subculture I can go no further
yet I can state with confidence that days like this are no fun on the bike
better to be on a boat over the water rather than a bike on the pavement
I know... I was riding around town yesterday... getting blown around from lane to lane
nearly getting blown into the cars and buses at my shoulder
deciding to take less risks splitting lanes
riding defensively taking the whole lane

yes... luckily I opted to go riding Wednesday rather than yesterday or today
yesterday was too bitter cold to be bothered with playing with the camera

it is good to get out on the bike
as much as I want to ride the trainer in the basement... I just can not put it into my routine
I would rather brave the wind and the cold
unless of course... it is this windy and this cold
it is brutal out there
today a good day to travel in "the cage"
today would be a good day for me to ride the bike in the basement

today is a good day to get some things done inside
maybe after I finish prepping for Grants birthday party I will get on the bike
yes... I may try to ride the bike in the basement
with the right movie it can be do-able
last week I watched DEATH RACE while I rode the bike in the basement

it worked

MacArthur Boulevard
there is no way I am going to brave the wind and the cold so that I can fight the cars on MacArthur Boulevard
I did that on Wednesday... it was AWESOME!
good to get out on the bike... good to spin the legs... good to lay down some miles
for the most part the cars around me were respectful
the majority of the cars passed with safe distance
but that small minority... well.. the passed obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close
not only putting my life at risk but also making me angry

the intentionally fast and close pass can do nothing but anger me
I take it personally because my life has been put at risk
but this is not the time for that rant
I will save this angry rant for another day

riding the bike is good for the mind-body-and-soul!
my mind body and soul can definitely use more rides... more long rides
and yes... more rides on dirt
but sadly... no dirt rides will happen until the snow melts and the mud dries

I needed to ride my bike... I need to ride my bike more often
I am glad I got on my bike

more photos from Glen Echo
then a few shots from Carderock where the boys went bouldering