MEESE IS A PIG! what was the full story there?

Meese Is A Pig?

what was that all about?
who was Edwin Meese?
was he a pig? why was he a pig?

what was this about posters and t-shirts that read EXPERTS AGREE: Messe is a Pig?

is it true that during this time of different security a bicycle messenger made a delivery to the Department of Justice in a MEESE IS A PIG t-shirt?
is this true? was it actually a delivery to the actual office of Edwin Meese?


let me check the Washington City
there is something
something about Jeff moving to Toledo

then something about Jeff selling stuff on ebay
shocking that the Washington City Paper never told this story

this story has wonderful documentary film potential

I would make this film... except for two things
I do not make documentary films
I do not know the story

Jeff Nelson has been a topic on the GWADZILLA page before i

Experts Agree: Meese is a Pig resurfaced while Alberto Gonzales was following down the same crooked path
Edwin Meese on the Wiki Page
an archive about arrests made on the MEESE IS A PIG POSTER \T-Shirt thing

I still do not know the story... anyone know the story
should someone give Jeff Nelson a call?
does Jeff Nelson drink beer?
I would interview him over a beer