lent... what are you giving up for lent? I gave up lent years ago

I do not celebrate lent... but I think it is a good practice

sacrifice makes us stronger
we are better people through sacrifice

but... sometimes our sacrifice is selfish
perhaps it would make sense for people to do more than give up "sweets" for lent

giving up cursing would be a good effort
we all cuss too much... if people curbed their cussing they would also have to curb their behavior
it people were not cussing than people would not be cussing at other people
that would be better

a nice thing for people to give up for lent would be obnoxious driving
for lent they could be more considerate of other people... other people in other cars and other people outside of cars... yes... they could be more considerate of pedestrians and cyclists
would this mean less tickets? sure... it could... but that is not the purpose... that is just a positive side effect

I could do to give up some of my bad habits...
the benefits could be selfish as well as selfless

I will not go any further on this
but here is a post that I can identify with