DC and the aftermath of SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010


DC and the Aftermath of SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010.... it was crazy... moderately insane
it was wild and in many ways fun while also being maddening
I had a blast doing all things snow with friends and family

SNOWDAYS were made for kids like me
being a dad is a chance for adults to be kids again

yes... the SNOWPOCALYPSE was definitely an experience
but that experience did not come without its costs
costs more than broken sleds and broken shovels

the massive amounts of snow that landed on Washington DC has left wreckage in its wake

although not in my circle of friends I am certain there are broken bones and maybe some crashed cars
but more importantly trees...
trees? yes... trees all over the city have been damaged
many trees have been up rooted

even more trees have lost limbs
so many trees could not take the great weight of the three feet of falling snow

apparently DC's Cherry Blossom trees were damaged severely
but I have not been there to check them out

beyond the effect of the SNOWPOCALYPSE on the tree population in The District there has been all sorts of damage
and there is certainly more damage to come
while more damage is being created

in my own world... the damage did not go beyond losing my back deck and some gutters

I could have shoveled that deck clear of snow
I could have... I could have... I could have
like a fool I did not shovel things as I had been doing plenty of shoveling... shoveling... sledding... cross country skiing... and just horsing around with the kids
there had to be a time to rest

while resting I heard the deck collapse
I spent two days playing Jenga with boards much larger than myself
carefully removing boards that were wrapped around cables and wires
I was please that I was able to complete the task without much more than a scrape
it could have been worse
it could have not happened at all

while on the topic of "could have"
what could have the city have done differently to make the SNOWPOCALYPSE and the aftermath of the SNOWPOCALYPSE be less of a hassle?

the snow was fantastically grand
I understand that this city does not usually deal with this much snow so it would only make sense that they lack the infrastructure to handle three feet of snow
but... how could these things have been handled better?
how well are things being handled now?
what else needs to be done?

the city is a mess

much of the city could still use a few passes of the plows
piles and pile of snow have now become large masses of ice
these large masses of ice are blocking parking spaces and sidewalks
in the urban neighborhoods such as Mount Pleasant it has been weeks since the last trash pick up
since the alleyways have yet to be plowed I do not anticipate any trash removal any time soon

who is to blame?
where does "the buck" stop?

could things have been handled better
is this a situation that will define the term of Mayor Fenty?
or will people place the blame on Mother Nature and give Fenty a "pass?"

I am certain that this is a discussion existing on different blogs more prepared for such a discussion
but... after another session of breaking down some snow barriers on the road in front of my house
after freeing another couple of parking spaces I can not help but try and find some place to vent