routine... standard routine... with the standard near death experience

morning comes quickly
the later I stay up
the more quickly morning comes
this morning was no different

ah... mornings... not really my time of the day
but- an alteration of my work schedule has me thinking differently
or at least... living differently
with a 7am in time... I need to be up and out of bed by 6am

when usually I am locked heavy into REM sleep at this time
stuck dreaming of electric sheep

this morning I made a toss and a turn then readjusted my pillow
I was tired and smiled and I got comfortable to sleep a little more
then it happened
the alarm on my iPhone alerted me to the reality that it was time to get up

rather than hug the pillow
I sat up and pet the dog who was sleeping at my feet
my moderately aloof dog is affectionate in the morning
affectionate to me when I get home from work and when I get up in the morning
two important times to be affectionate
and for that... I thank him

it is a strange thing petting the dog
do I pet him for him or do I pet him for me?

either way...
no chance to curl up along side the dog in the warm bet
time to meet the reality of the day head on
my routine starts

out of bed and into the bathroom
tooth paste to tooth brush
tooth brush to mouth
brush teeth while sitting on the toilet
finish those tasks then downstairs

hit the ON button on the coffee machine to start the coffee making process
ah... my wonderful wife and her pension for preparedness
she sets up the coffee maker in the evening to streamline the morning
smart cookie!

as the coffee slowly brews I continue my Zombie stumble
so much to be distracted by
can not allow myself to be distracted
more than a glance at the front page of the morning's newspaper will make me late
checking email or Facebook before getting into work just does not make sense

no... I need to suit up to walk the dog

in an effort to streamline my process I get dressed to ride my bike for my trip in the woods with the dog
no... I do not bring the bike
but I can not afford changing twice
no time for that

dressed in street shoes and cycling gear I pour a large cup of coffee and take a sip
then I head back upstairs to steal the dog who has already drifted back to sleep
ah... a dog's life
he is slow to get out of bed... it often involves multiple requests... some begging on my part... and even a tug of the colar
but he gets ups... stretches... then prances over to me...

cute goes a long way...
my dog Didg is cute

I greet him with a some affectionate words and a warm touch
then we head out the door into the cold dark world

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