lazy Saturday... well... a somewhat lazy Saturday

woke up this morning with a pain in my head
beer.. tequila... not enough sleep

stayed up rather late last night which had me getting up a tad later than usual this morning

when I got out of bed I saw a splash of vomit on the floor
I questioned if I had gotten so drunk that I threw up
I did not remember such... but anything is possible
after closer inspection it seemed that the vomit was not mine
well... not mine unless my late night snack included dog food

there were lots of unchewed dog food pieces in the splatter of vomit
not my vomit... not remnants of my midnight snack
no... I was not drunk enough to eat dog food
but I did eat lots of tacos... some Ramen noodles... and some left over meatloaf

the leftover meatloaf was more than I needed
for shame... shame on me

woke slow and watched the boys get into their Saturday morning routine as I sipped coffee in an effort to lessen the zombie-like feeling of the morning
I only had to do a little coaching to get the Dean dressed and out the door
from what I heard as I hugged the pillow
Lisa had some trouble getting the often stubborn Grant to suit up and go to Karate

with the boys in their morning routine I got into mine
sipped more coffee... scanned the web for information to entertain my short attention span brain
then finally got motivated to walk the dogs
yes dog... we are dog sitting our neighbor's dog Karma which puts an s on the word dog for us

it was Karma who got sick the night prior

the boys had ice skating plans and Christmas shopping so I was free to do as I chose

I started my morning loop late knowing that Lisa had taken the dogs out for a walk earlier in the day
as I walked I tried to plot my day
there was not much more for me to do other than a run to the hardware store and of course... clean the house\basement

knowing I had a little extra time I called a cycling friend to see if she wanted to walk in the woods
linking up a few needs
the dogs needed to be walked... Heidi's need to entertain her 5 month old daughter Ruth... this offered us a chance for two people who seldom see each other to catch up

I drove to Annie's Ace then over to Heidi's place in Brightwood
we left out from there
it was not a long walk from her cute little house in Brightwood to Carter Baron
from there were pointed for the woods

our time would be dictated by naps and feeding times of young Ruth
so we tried to create a loop that would get us back to the homestead in a rational yet unknown amount of time
Heidi and I debated the best path to take
Heidi doubting my familiarity with trails she considers this space her home-court

we hiked
we talked
Ruth and the dogs had a nice afternoon in the woods
and so did we

Heidi is a good sport
there was a moment where she felt I was guiding her and her baby further from home
yet she walked without objection

we exited the woods near the Carter Baron Amphitheater and meandered the streets back towards Heidi's home and my car

a glance at the time and the rapidly dropping sun and I made a quick good bye after a glass of water and leaking and use of her bathroom

then I went home
once home I dragged my ass around and finally got "kitted up"
then threw my leg over the saddle and took off for Rock Creek Park
the sun was dropping fast... I put a Petzel in my jersey pocket but tried to get some miles in before I needed to use the light

so I hammered
with the camera around my neck I hammered
the camera was used in the alley to snap a shot of my neighbor's kid who was riding her bike and was greeted by a cat
it was a nice little meeting

but after that shot... the light faded quickly and cyclists came and passed before I could ready myself
I was pushing the pedals at a pace a little too fast to get the shot

there were all sorts of cyclists on the road... a number of which I would have like to snap a shot of
Steve Viers gave me a hearty hello as we passed at one of the gates that block the road off to cars
R of Kelly Benefit Strategies... but he is always powering forward so fast that he never notices me 

who else did I see? there were others
yes... Ray Ray... but who else?
recognition was made but no photos were taken

light was falling fast... I set out for Connecticut Avenue just past the Mormon Temple and then looped it back for home

Strava tells the rest
funny... I clearly do not Strava every ride if this short hammer set so many PRs

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