thought I was at risk of getting a BWI (biking while intoxicated) last night...

last night I was pedaling a short distance from AZ's place by the Wilson Center to my home in Mount Pleasant...

I sensed a car trailing behing me as I pedaled a suspiciously serpentine trajectory home

rolled through one stop sign... and then another
only after running a red light at Park and 18th did I glance back and notice that the car behind me was a DC Cruiser... the lights on the roof were on but not flashing and there were no sirens

all I could think... "this is all I need"
they were following slow and with distance
the final yards leading to my alley may have been enough to give us distance and separation
not sure if they cared or were just amused by my drunken cycling style

would have like to have been a fly on the dashboard to hear the officer's impression of what was in front of him

glad to avoid the conversation
never looking to have a conversation with officer friendly

even if they are there to "protect and serve"
I do not want to have them protecting and serving myself from me

should have been alert to my surroundings
should have recognized that the car trailing me was a police car


aka Andy

and Wilson Center

thanks for the hockey, tacos, and celebratory libations
good times with good company