the sky is heavy today

the sky is heavy today
a step out the door and the moisture surrounds you
it is not just the classic dc humidity
it is the threat of a spring rain

not sure what that will do for my week and my intention to do some riding on dirt
at least I was able to get two hours on the bike yesterday... some of which crossed over some dirt paths

got the Surly Karate Monkey geared machine on the road
everything is working okay
but not quite as it should
the brakes have never really braked to that disc brake potential
and well... I do not know enough about the front shock to make things work quite as they should

the disc brake should be an easy enough adjustment
and the rear brakes may just need some new pads
but the Marzocchi Bomber needs the knowledge of proper pressure for a larger rider like myself
there are three or four valves
not sure what effects what
not sure how much pressure needs to be placed where
what I am sure of... is that this fork is far too compressed when I am in the standard riding position
if I just try to life the front end I end up getting the fork extending before i can get the front wheel to leave the ground
not quite the handling experience I am looking for

I am old school
these are reasons why the rigid single speed works for me
as my "little to no maintenance" approach to thing is easier to contend with
my mechanical abilities have not grown with the times
I took apart and re-assembled my bottom bracket the other day
sealed outboard bearings... much easier than the old school way
but still new to me
and disc brakes... sure they may be simple
v-brakes, cantilever brakes, cunningham roller cams, and side pull brakes
these are the brakes I tinkered with when I tinkered with bikes
now as a father... I lack the time and the energy for tinkering
I want my time with the bike to be spent riding
yes... I enjoy the organic experience of working on my bicycles
but I enjoy the organic experience of riding a working bicycle better