revolutions cycles

revolution cycles

rolled by revolution cycles on my way home from work

was stressing about the geared monkey
so cargo mike said to swing by revolutions so he could toss it in the stand

pinky was cool with mike taking a look at my bike
pinky has turned a wrench on many bikes for many years in this town
there is some history
more history than I know

spaced and left the printed pages from the marzocchi manual
spaced and left the charts with the PSI recommendations
those Kilogram recommendations that do not even come close to my weight on that chart

the shop has computers
there is a computer right there in the mechanic work area
super dave and I scanned the pages for the information

mike did the quick repair

more time was spent trying to stop my bike from squeaking then was spent trying to adjust what has been an inactive shock for a long time

it was a short club house visit
as I wanted to get home to the family

thanks mike, pinky, and super dave for getting the squeaks off my monkey