no real time for a ride after work... there is not always time for a ride after work

no real time for a ride after work...

there is not always time for a ride after work
after racing yesterday there was no real need for me to go for a ride after work
yet I still do not want to race home straight after work as I would like to have a moment to myself

so instead of racing to get home to meet up with my family I take a quick spin around town with the camera around my neck
make a quick stop by a friend's house on capital hill to check out the progress on his climbing wall
wall complete! wall ready for climbing!

checked out the climbing wall then we walked his dog lucy
want to play on the new climbing wall... but there was no time
trying to time things that I arrive home around the same time as lisa after lisa picks the boys up from the after school program on her way home from work
will have to be proactive on the wall thing... will have to show up with time and shoes other than my riding shoes

get home and dinner is on the table
guess I spent more time than estimated on crossing town, snapping a few shots, and shooting the shit with an old friend
with dinner on the table I opted to walk the dog before the sun set
grant joined along
we brought a water bottle and two lights
we would end up not needing the lights

on the walk we encountered a few other people out doing the same short loop in the woods
it is always the same people
it is always
the same people with the same dogs
I do not see the same people every day
but if I see people I have usually seen them before

as grant pauses on a little bench that has been set up by who knows who at a good spot for a bench these other hikers approach with their dogs
grant got bum rushed by a small mix breed named Bacchus
giggles and squirms were unleashed as bacchus tried to lick grant's face
meanwhile the dog named barnabus or baranbey threw up the hair on his back and made a charge and a fierce bark

this is nothing new
barnabus has been fronting like this for some time

it is bothersome
I hate having to scold my dogs for responding to such behavior
usually I have to restrain my dogs from responding or scold them preemptively
I hate scolding my dogs for responding as a dog should respond to another dog
it should be barnabus' owner who should be preemptive
because it is barnabus' inappropriate action that illicits the response
without barnabus' posturing there would be no reason for conflict

barnabus barked, rushed, and showed his teeth
shy brutus who tends to mind his own business called his bluff
barnabus came in bluffing some more calling out for alpha male position
brutus stepped out of his shy shell and showed this dog he is not the alpha dog
in a few more expressions of teeth I pulled brutus aside

the other dog owners had showed little response in controling their dogs

by this time both dogs had teamed up against brutus
which did not alter things... brutus still seemed to be comfortable with the situation
I dispelled things before things really escalated
there was no scolding
a firm bark from me caused all of the dogs to scatter and calm down

then a tug at the tail then a pull on the colar to keep brutus from trying to get the last word or finish the conversation
wanted to stop things before the pack got out of control and someone got hurt

then I caught up with bacchus' teen age owner
there was a short exchange about his brother recently leaving off for college
I asked if he moved into his brother's room... he had
he was shocked when I told him that my brother still brings up that I took his records from his room and put them with my records in my room when he left off for college

there was no more issue with the dogs
the voice leash was part of the process
finally barnabus was gettting commands from his owner
I got no apology as I have never gotten any apology from barnabus' owner about barnabus' behavior
I have never gotten any apology and baranbus has never gotten any correction

the tension between the dogs was still apparent

it would have been better that this had not happened
it seems that every time barnabus sees another dog he fronts like he is some alpha beast
it is a bluff

this is still no way for a dog to approach another dog

to a dog a bluff is not just a bluff it is a show of dominance
dogs do not bluff... not even when they play poker
the owner has never done anything to curb this behavior
these encounters have repeated themselves over the seldom chance meetings over the last decade
dating back to when this man who had two dogs each of which had the same sort of obnoxious aggressive approach
an approach that may be all bark and no bite that is still inappropriate just the same

it is tough to try to reprimand a dog for being a dog
we do curb their behavior
but not all actions should be dispelled
the dog should still get to be a dog
I do not always feel right reprimanding my dog from standing up for himself

it is a strange balance that an inappropriate behavior causes another behavior which is similar but appropriate

it is a case of action and reaction

the action is inappropriate while the reaction may be considered appropriate
I did not want to scold my dog for behaving appropriately
it has bothered me for years to experience the inappropriate behavior of this dog's approach
it has bothered me for years that this dog owner does nothing to curb this obnoxious and inappropriate behavior

it is tough
there is a difference in being proud of your son for being the school bully and being proud of your son for standing up for himself
there are times to back down
there are times to bow out
there are times to submit
and yes
there are times to stand up for yourself

there is a similar situation on the bike
the issuing of the bird or the utterance of profanity is not really appropriate behavior
but... what about action and reaction?
it is the inappropriate action that causes the over reaction
if the car drivers respected my space and my right to life...
well... then I would be less free with my middle finger and my tongue
but... since the car drivers fail to give me my right to space and my right to safely
well... I often display this inappropriate reaction which maybe a natural response to the inappropriate driving behavior

it is a big IF THEN situation
IF they did not do this
THEN I would not do that

enough on this...

I am glad the scuffle with the dogs was not worse
I would like to be a fly on the wall to hear how the owner of Barnabus describes that action
I would be curious to hear how he justifies a decade of inappropriate behavior by his dog
but... I am not so curious that I care to ask
because he is an elderly gentleman more than likely stuck in his ways thinking his actions are right and all others are wrong
again not unlike the car passing obnoxiously fast and dangerously close
it is always the other parties fault