WABA could do well to extend their PSA campaign

WABA could do well to extend their PSA campaign

here in Washington DC the Washington Area Bicycle Association has done a great job at getting the message out that the bicycling is a viable option for traversing the city
all over town there are a variety of posters decorating the glass Metro Bus shelters with different messages about the merits of riding a bicycle over driving a car
I think that this message needs to be extended

it seems to me that the message does not just need to extend to the people about town
this message needs to be extended to the people who plan the city and write the laws
there needs to be a campaign to educate the City Planner... from the DC City Council to DC's DDOT
a similar poster campaign may be more effective than memos or emails
as emails and memos are easily ignored
while a well placed poster in the hallway or the elevator may occupy the attention of a person who may be available listen


because I do not think that the bicycle is on the minds of anyone other than the cyclist and the car driver behind the cyclist
City Planners and Traffic Engineers are not considering the bicycle when they make their decisions
this not only boggles my mind... this pisses me off

but... I think that this would be easy enough to reform
reform simply by informing
open their eyes
point them in the direction of the obvious

once the bicycle is pointed out they may start seeing bicycles and then they may start to put the bicycle into their planning

-remind them that bike sales are on the rise
-remind them that car sales are down
-I do not think you need to remind them that gas prices are soaring... but remind them anyway!
-explain to them that the bicycle is part of the solution

there is a growing population of cyclists and if the streets were more safe for cyclists than this population would be able to grow even more

in reality it is not about more signs or even altering the roads
if car and truck drivers simply toned it down a little the roads would be a much safer place
the chaos is not contributing to efficiency
people drive like headless chickens with a cell phone jammed down their throats
obnoxious idiots speeding recklessly to the next light
blocking the crosswalks and then blocking the intersection
if there were just an effort to slow things down... well... that would be a step in the right direction
enforce the existing laws
or better yet
just have people obey the existing laws

it blows my mind... righteous people... pious people... arrogant people who view themselves as being good and correct
these people are scoff laws speeding about... rolling through stop signs without making complete stops at stop signs... talking on the cell phone knowing that it is forbidden.... and failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians and cyclists

it is all too much to handle...
it all seems so simple...
all people need to do is behave