flat top?

flat top?
saw this gem in the woods this morning
it reminded me of the simplicity of the world I grew up in

as a child growing up in the seventies we were simple folk
the economy was not what it is today
maybe more like what the economy will be tomorrow

people did not have the disposable income that they have now
as a child if we were to play football it was not uncommon that we would have to locate the one kid who had a football
not every kid owned there own football, basketball, or whatever

sure... we collected everything
in addition to the costly collections of football cards or baseball cards
it was not uncommon for people to collect beer cans, bottle caps, and match packs

beer cans, bottle caps, and match packs?
but that is all just trash!

it is true
we were simple folk
the same people that got swept up in the craze of the pet rock
real simple folk
the same simple folk that got hypnotized by the basic PONG game

as a child I marveled at the red glow of my digital watch waiting for the time to change
now... the kids can connect wirelessly from their hand held Nintendo DS games
times have changed