heading home from work I snapped a shot of this woman waiting for the light to change
it was not the shot I wanted
I wanted the shot of her yellow poncho blowing in the wind behind her as she whisked by
but she responded to my pausing with the camera
so I approached her and tried to explain why some freak on his bike with a camera would be taking a photo of her
it can be an awkward conversation

in short explanation I told her why I took her photo
which had her respond... why?
which I had just told her
then she told me she thought I was some sort of roaming bicycle cop or something to that effect
as she had been ticket a day or two prior for blocking the crosswalk
Obstructing Traffic
or something to that effect

cars block the box
cars block the intersection
for a bicycle to inadvertently stop mid intersection
more than likely in a leading rather than stealing sort of position
well... that is part of the process of the bicycle flowing through the city
not waiting in the queue
rolling like a ghost to the head of the queue and rolling like a ghost forward
able to be passed without significantly altering of the flow of the other traffic
even if I take the full lane and a few cars back up behind me for 20 seconds
they are traveling a distance that they could have traveled in 15-18 seconds
yet they are irked
that is not my point
the tangents are wandering

yet I am tempted to finish that tangent
that whole thing where the car has to be in front of the cyclist...
for some reason the car driver needs to get ahead of the cyclist...
the passes are often intentionally close and intentionally fast
often cutting back into the lane just after the pass
all this as if they are trying to make some sort of point

got herd the kids to bed
the movie is over