Penny Farthings at a 4th of July Parade... of course.... saw Julian and his High Wheeler... but missed the shot of him and hat to snap a few shots of these ladies... nice bikes and nice outfits

love the bike... bike?
yes... really... what is that?
what is that contraption?
is it difficult to ride?

this woman pedals this velociped in style
parasol and all 

I asked to if these woman would do a quick loop so I could snap some shots
this girl mounted up and rode away
managed to get a few shots of the second rider

I did not realize the Penny Farthing\High Wheeler Culture had any woman in it
curious if these girls are full grown
or if they will get taller and need new rides with taller wheels


more shots of the High Wheelers at the Washington DC 4th of July Parade
or the start of the 4th of July Parade in Washington DC

great mentions of Penny Farthings and High Wheelers on the Gwadzilla Page

mention of parade brings up the topic of the Tour de Fat