RIP Matt Stackswell (Brenner)... a piece on the web about Matt and his music

Matt at the Presidential Inaugural Alleycatt Race a few years back...
I knew Matt from the bike... but I was aware of his involvement in music
there are often many sides to the bicycle messenger
RIP Matt... I am certain you will be missed by many

RIP Matt Stackswell (Brenner)

some info on the accident and his death

and a page if you want to donated\comment\share condolences

Matt was a good dude... our encounters were always chance and positive
most everyone of our meetings was on the bike
I would see Matt downtown as he was doing his messenger thing
I would see Matt in his cycling kit on the roads in Rock Creek Park

I always looked forward to catching up with Matt and his positive attitude
we did some hammering in the park... exchanged numbers to ride
but our meetings still remained chance
shortly after we exchanged numbers I sent a text to see if Matt wanted meet up for a spin in Rock Creek Park

Matt had just moved up to NYC

sad chain of events...
my heart goes out to any and all who were close to Matt
may one day his friends and family find peace with their loss

Ride in Peace Matt Stackswell Brenner