the man who gave me that sage advice tried to charge me for dinner twice...

last night I ran some errands and walked the dog
it was getting late so rather than going home to cook I opted to eat out
in Cleveland Park I was unsure where to go with so many choices
ended up going to that Mediterranean place where the owner gave me this sage advice

"in life we need to... ACCEPT... DON'T ASK WHY... AND MOVE ON"

amazing advice for anything in life
lost job, lost love, sickness, death... etc. 

there was some commotion
ran into a dad and his two kids as I ordered
the two boys are the ages of my two sons
the younger of the two being a good friend of my younger son
the older one having just been at camp with my boys the week prior

I talked with the boys about their summer as I ordered
after ordering I paid cash and felt that awkward George Castanza feeling when I put my tip in the jar and it went unseen
I was told that they would bring my food out to me

I sat sheepishly as I drank a drink I had purchased elsewhere... but needed to hydrate
had intended on taking the food as carryout, but decided to stay and eat at the sidewalk seating with this family
after eating... I went to say goodbye to the owner of the restaurant... there was this notion I had not paid... I was confused... at that moment only half certain I had paid... the other father recalled my paying... the restaurateur was convinced I had not paid... I left unsure... checked my pockets for a receipt.... but only had the memory of tipping as I was passed my change

I guess I will just
Accept, Don't Ask Why. And move on.