Dad N Charge says... BANISH THE PLAYDATE!


I hear what he is saying... I understand... but I disagree

I spent some time as a part time employee and full time dad
or something like that
and well... I did not do too many "playdates"
actually... I am not sure if I did any playdates during that period

I think that this author has one issue
he is a man
while the majority of the other car takers are woman
and well
in case you did not know... men and woman think differently

my wife and I were never really that keen on "playdates"
we would take our kids to the park... but rarely with a planned meeting
the majority of our "playdates" would be with the other kids on our city block
when our kids were young there was much cross interaction with any and every child a year or two older than themselves... now with different schools and different activities not so much

but honestly... I regret not being more focused on the "playdate"
I see that the parents who are friends with other parents foster the "best friend" situation with their children
the world I grew up in and the world my kids are growing up in are very different places
it is unfair for me to expect my kids to live in their world the way that I lived in mine
it is just not an option

since the kids can not roam the neighborhoods freely like they did in my era
well... then the interactions may have to be fostered
if kids are not lucky enough to have other kids local without having to cross a street
well... then there will be the need for some parental involvement for the "meeting" to occur

neither of my kids have a "best friend"
I think some of this has to do with the inability of us as parents to get involved in a steady routine of "playdates"