teaching lessons... setting traps... people need to focus more on themselves and less upon others...

years ago I was riding my bike on some "unofficial trails"
there is a small network of trails off the Capital Crescent Trail just around the Maryland DC border

there is not much milage on those trails
but I do like to get the tires on dirt
so I would occasionally get off the paved trail and point the bike onto some dirt for a few turns

one time I double flatted
fixed one flat... did not have tube or patch kit to fix the second
it was then that I met John Shovelan
John stopped and loaned me a patch for my tube
then we rode the rest of our ride together and became fast friends
turns out we worked in buildings next to each other and loved bikes and our families
John has since moved back to his motherland; Australia

back to the point...
I told some people about this
then sure enough a few days later
my brother Marc got a double flat

frustrated by this my brother contacted the Montgomery County Police and they went back with a metal detector
they found something similar to this

traps found on mountain bike trails

what sort of asshole would set a trap like this?
nails... soon to be rusty nails
this trail could not discriminate between a mountain bike tire, a dog's paw, a person's foot, or what ever has the misfortune of making contact with this menacing board


people are strange
this person may be the only one who knows to step over this trap
in life we would all do well to focus more on ourselves
rather than pointing the finger... we should look in the mirror

this person and their traps?
let he who is without sin cast the first stone
their action of negativity outweighs the actions of the mountain biker
and what would happen... what would happen if a cyclist was at speed in control approaching this board and then also some hikers on the trail just ahead
the double flat would cause loss of control and then a situation worse then just having the cyclist ride past the hikers

share the trail
share the road
share the world