I am a big fan of Todd Bauer

Todd Bauer talking about the mountain biking in relation to land use
more specifically DNR Wilderness expansion

Todd on WAMU

I think that I read somewhere that lots of the banning of bicycle was a misinterpretation of the legalese about trail use and vehicles such as motorcycles and atvs
somehow the bicycle got clumped in with those very different machines that have a very different impact on the environment

that is Todd Bauer racing me for the hole shot...
he is faster... but I am big and hard to pass
it did not take him long to pass me
then I was chasing Todd and Jonathan Seibold

then we got lost
which was where I cashed in my chips
no Black Jack for me
no yellow jersey after that stage

Bauer on the Gwadzilla Page

The Liberty Jamboree is always a good time!

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