I am no detective... but...

each day I ride my bike to work...
the commute into work is fast and short
I take the most direct route
there is no time for a pre-work spin

I do not wear street clothes on the bike because I sweat so much
this has me bringing a change of clothes and needing to change when I get to work

it is my habit to change in the same handicap stall on the floor of my office
unless that stall is taken... then I will take the standard size stall
which frustrates me... due to the electronic eye that causes the toilet to flush each time I twist or turn
so... I try to use the larger stall
because it offers more room to change
it does not have the constant flushing of the toilet

yesterday as I changed I noticed something
one of the rolls of toilet paper appeared to be moist
then... beneath that toilet roll the floor had a small puddle
a bit of a sheen on the tile floor

well... this morning offered up the same routine
that short fast commute into work
a few flippings of the bird
a few feelings "if I were close enough to spit I would spit"
just the standard roll into work

well... when changing this morning I was in the same stall
and well... that toilet roll appeared to be damp
and well... beneath that toilet roll was a sheen
a change of angle showed a puddle

these are adults
this is not a pre-k classroom
this is an adult work place
what have we become?
what sort of person derives pleasure from this?

the shee wee

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