I only took a measure of the pedal to the show
not the pedal home
the pedal home was short and sweet
direct and to the point... well... with one diversion
the pedal home stalled at Alberto's Pizza on P Street for two slices of pepperoni

two slices that were smaller and not quite as good as I remembered
yet still good... as pizza is like sex
when pizza is good it is good
when pizza is bad it is good

that shot of the reflecting pool is a few years old
it has been a while since we have had a freeze long enough and cold enough for the reflecting pool and the canal 

last weekend there was talk about mountain biking for 12 year old Dean and myself
sunday was selected as the preferred day
error on my part
weather and homework played heavy into the events of Sunday

it was cold... brutally cold
Dean had a fair amount of homework

we had tickets to see ukulele genius Jake Shimaburkuro at the Lisner for Sunday night
so homework had to be done before the show

the day slipped away
I downgraded the mountain bike ride to an urban ride
then the urban ride with steps and such became an urban street ride
we toured the monuments 
Dean and I toured the monuments around the city
looping through Chinatown
up past the US Capitol Building
by passing Jefferson to roll past Lincoln
a few laps through the people-less World War II Memorial
politely avoiding the no bike zones of the Vietnam and Korean Memorials
on to the Lisner Auditorium on GW Campus down the block from where Tower Records was some years ago

good show
but I think Dean enjoyed the ride more than the performance
hunger and being a tad cold may have come into play

my top rides of the year may have been the NOVA Epic and the MOCO Epic
both that I did with Dean
raced Snot Cycle and then Greenbrier then not again other than a few Alley Cats and the Diamond Derby

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