that is not a shot from today's hike... it was cold, dark, and a different season... the image would have been different

got back a few minutes ago from a hike with Didg and Karma
Didg is our family dog
Karma is our neighbor's dog
she is a good dog... a bit feisty at times...
which means she is good but needs to be monitored

the hike was nice
not sure if it was hiking with Karma or the cold night air and the not quite snow flurry flakes being blown about
no matter... Didg was CRAZED!

I tried to assert some control by retracting them both and putting them on leash for a few yards
then having them sit leashless and not running off until my command
each dog was distracted and frustrated me at one point in the hike or another
but that is dog ownership
the training never stops

now the dogs are on different floors

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