listening to The Smiths

The Smiths on YOUTUBE 

I saw the Smiths at The Warner Theater on their first American\US Tour
to my recollection that was 1985 or so

spring of 1985 from what my mental image creates

fantastic showa

one of my all time favorite live shows
sad that I reminise about my top five live shows of all time
addmitting that there will be no more shows in the top five

as that is an experience of youth

to feel music at such an intense level is for the young
another reason why it is so sad that youth is wasted on the young
so rarely do people appreciate the moment
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so often what we think is the worst of times turns out to be the best of times

fantastic randomness when I pull up this tangent

SHOWS on the Gwadzilla Page

Johnny Marr was amazing with the Smiths and then also with Bryan Ferry
saw Johnny Marr with Bryan Ferry at Constitution Hall

a great show
lots of great shows
lots of music durning that era of my life
music is good
I think I need more music in my life

more music
less television

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