Do Not Disturb...

Bryan Ferry: Boys and Girls
perhaps the best make-out album of all time
or so we seemed to think in college when I lived on 3rd Right in Dorchester Hall at St. Mary's College of Maryland

this record came out in 1985 so we were not that far after its release
it may have been 86-87 or 87-88 when a cluster of had a few communal items
there was a round table with no legs that would get rolled from room to room
the room with the table usually hosted a party of sorts
then there was Bryan Ferry Boys and Girls
that album would be passed around 
requested, borrowed, coveted, and maybe even bargained for

your girlfriend is coming down this weekend?
you may want to put your request in early

I can not recall
I think that the album belonged to John or Steve Heritage 
or at least one of the lacrosse players from third center
Bryan Ferry was high on the playlist when people were going one on one with couples on the couch
but games of quarters and thumper were played with a mix from the college classics like Steve Miller on to The Cure... The Cult... Soundgarden... and even the Bad Brains... then back to The Eagles and Boston

it was St Mary's College of Maryland in the 80's
a very Maryland crowd
a little less than urban
more Old Bay than Urban

St. Mary's College was in the news again last week... same topic... decreased enrollment 


and of course
Boys and Girls by Bryan Ferry

and yes... Roxy Music is Roxy Music
and it is cool to say that I preferred Roxy Music to Bryan Ferry

but it just was not so
I was more into Bryan Ferry's work solo rather than with Roxy Music
although Roxy Musics have some timeless classics

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